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Flooring For Indoor Events

Whether your business is large or small, having foam flooring tiles can make all the difference when you’re setting up an indoor event, like trade shows or parties. Anti-fatigue flooring can transform any event space by creating a space for people to gather. With the wide selection of foam mats offered at Martial Arts Mats Ireland, you can find the right mat to fit your needs.

Trade Show Season Is Back

Trade shows and indoor gatherings came to a halt during the beginning stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as more restrictions on indoor gatherings ease, indoor gatherings are going to have an even more important place in your business. According to a recent Forbes article, trades shows are going to be just as important in the wake of the pandemic, if not more, as they were before1. This is because of the unique way that trade shows boost sales through interaction with new and existing customers. There’s no substitute for showcasing products in person, whether you own a martial arts academy or a cycling store.

Under the new guidelines from the Government of Ireland, organised indoor gatherings among those who are vaccinated have opened up opportunities for businesses to get together. Venues are open for up to 60% of their maximum capacity, and whether you have a large or small business, indoor gatherings are a great way to bring your team together during the holiday season.

Event Flooring Options

Creating your own bespoke floor layout for indoor gatherings and trade shows can be incredibly challenging, that’s why we’re going to examine the best mats offered at Martial Arts Mats Ireland. Below you’ll find four of the best flooring options for indoor events.  Not every mat will suit the purposes that you have, so be sure to check out each of the mats listed below.    

Foam Mats

  1. 20mm Jigsaw Mat

Another great choice for indoor flooring, the 20mm Jigsaw mat is a bestseller on the site because of its durability. Boasting a 120 kg/cbm  density, these mats hold up under the rigors of martial arts training. They’re great for indoor event flooring because they can be easily torn down and set up.

These double sided mats come in four different colour combinations–red/black, red/blue, green/black, and grey/black–which makes them the perfect choice to add a splash of colour to your event. Choose the colours that match the best with your logo to make your trade show booth stand out among drab, ordinary exhibits. If you’re looking for a colour combination that isn’t offered on the website, you should consider mixing and matching different mats. 

This mat mimics the aesthetically pleasing pattern of wood grains and brings a level of sophistication to any space they’re in. Theses tiles feature a faux wood veneer which offers an upscale appearance to any indoor space. Try to line up the grain pattern on the mats to get the best look out of the mats.

*It should be noted that the two EVA foam mats listed above can dent, scuff, and puncture. Setting up a display on them might leave divots in the mats, and there’s a risk that the surface will be marred with punctures from high heels and animal nails. Also, if you sell athletic gear, including weights and barbells, these mats would not be the ideal choice. Instead, check out rubber mats offered on the site. Rubber mats are ideal for dealing with high traffic areas.

Rubber Mats

These sturdy mats offer the best protection for your floors when hosting an indoor event. Rubber flooring has a slight ‘springiness’ when heavy weights are dropped on them. This is primarily because of the shock absorbing principles of rubber, which can be beneficial if you’re showcasing heavy hardware at your trade show booth. Rubber mats are anti-fatigue, high-traction mats, and these mats will offer many years of repeated use.

These mats are not ideal for portable displays because they’re heavier than foam or the 10mm Rubber Jigsaw Mats. This extra weight can become an issue if you’re lugging several mats to the event.

Boasting an attractive appearance with coloured flecks interspersed throughout the surface, these rubber mats are lightweight and portable, offering the durability that foam mats cannot offer.  Unlike other rubber mats, these mats are thin which makes them easy to haul to an event center. They’re also incredibly easy to set up, featuring jigsaw connector pieces that fit together creating a seamless floor.

These 10mm rubber mats are incredibly durable, boasting superior shock absorbing properties that make our rubber mats so popular. You can be sure that it will retain the same appearance throughout the life of the mats, with a surface free from checks, dents, and gouges that foam mats suffer from.

The Best Mats for Your Indoor Event: 10mm  Rubber Jigsaw Mats

These mats offer the best of both worlds: made from quality vulcanized rubber which is tough, whilst being thin and lightweight. Although not well suited for distributing the kinetic energy from heavy weights, these mats are the perfect addition to your tradeshow kit. Light enough to carry, yet also compact and easy to transport.

Some Tips for Purchasing Mats for Your Event

When you’re setting up your event, start from the ground up by purchasing the right event flooring for your needs. This is especially true if you’re designing a product display which will showcase your newest product.

Add a Splash of Colour

For tradeshows, the goal is to draw the attention of those at the show–whilst hopefully drawing in their feet– with unique colour combinations. It’s a simple, yet valuable skill to juxtapose contrasting colours to create an alluring visual area. In fact, if you were to use one colour for the product area, and another for the area for visitors, you’ll actually create a feeling of two separate rooms without all the troublesome bulk of actual walls.

If you’re looking for a more colourful display, EVA foam mats are the perfect fit for your event because they come a variety of colours and types, which allows you to create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing trade show booths.

Rubber mats also come with coloured flecks which add a splash of colour to your display. Although more of a subtle colour display when compared to foam mats, 10mm rubber jigsaw mats offer a striking colour choice compared with other rubber mats. With multiple colour options available, you’ll be able to customise your indoor event flooring.

Both rubber and EVA foam mats are also waterproof, which makes them the perfect bespoke entry mats for winter. Dirt and debris can be easily swept off and cleaned up, and slush, ice, and snow can be wiped off. It’s also easy to sanitise the both rubber and foam mats with a mild soap and water solution.

Purchase Mats that Match the Event

The type of mat that you need is determined by the event for which you’re using the mats. If you’re setting up a booth at a trade show highlighting your MMA gym, then you’ll want the mats to reflect the training centre, even purchasing mats in the same colours as your logo and setting them up to mimic a proper ring. But if you’re selling high-end products, then add a little refinement with one solid colour or wood grain pattern mats.

Purchase a Travel Case for Your Mats and Connectors

Setup will be significantly easier if you have a system and a way to transport your mats. Purchase a travel case to transport your mats and you’ll notice that you can easily move the mats to the location. Some travel cases are made from a breathable fabric, whilst others are hard shelled and can take a lot of abuse. Be sure to clean your mats before you pack them away for the season.


Now is the best time to rejuvenate your old indoor event flooring, before the hustle and bustle of the trade show season. If you’re looking for a mat that can take a tremendous amount of abuse from regular wear and tear, then you should go with the 10mm rubber mats. However, foam mats are also incredibly handy for quick deployment, and can be used to create striking, colourful display floors. Either mat will tansform a cold concrete floor into a meeting space through the use of anti-fatigue flooring.

Author: David Van Kooten


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