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Wall mats for Elite MMA Fighting areas. These mats are 40mm thick plus 10mm ply backed. The ply has a lip to enable easy screw fix to walls, it also provides space for 40mm mats to pass underneath. Vinyl covered high density foam with heat sealed corners. Mats are 1.2m or 1.83m in height and 61cm in width.

Wall Padding Applications.

Wall pads are typically used in various settings to ensure safety and protection, particularly in areas where physical activities or sports are conducted. Common applications for wall pads include:

  1. Gyms and Sports Facilities: Wall pads are extensively used in gyms, especially in areas designated for high-impact sports such as basketball and volleyball. These sports often require buffer zones around courts to prevent injuries from collisions with hard surfaces. Wall pads provide crucial safety by cushioning impacts and reducing the risk of severe injuries.
  2. Martial Arts and Wrestling Rooms: In martial arts dojos and wrestling rooms, wall pads are essential for protecting practitioners during training and sparring sessions. They help to minimize the risk of injury when athletes engage in close-contact activities or might accidentally collide with walls.
  3. Schools and Educational Institutions: Many schools and educational institutions use wall pads in their gymnasiums and sports areas. This is particularly important in environments where children are engaged in physical education and sports activities, as it provides an added layer of safety.
  4. Recreational Areas: Recreational facilities, including indoor playgrounds and activity centers, often install wall padding to protect users, especially children, from injuries.
  5. Stunt and Action Training Facilities: In facilities where stunts are practiced or action sequences are rehearsed, wall padding is crucial for ensuring the safety of performers and athletes.
  6. Healthcare and Therapeutic Settings: Wall pads can also be found in healthcare facilities, particularly in areas designed for physical therapy or in spaces where patients might be prone to falls or collisions.
  7. Home Gyms: Individuals with home gyms often install wall pads for personal safety during workouts, especially when engaging in high-intensity or weight training exercises.

In all these applications, the primary purpose of wall padding is to provide a protective barrier against hard surfaces, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury during physical activities. The specific type and design of wall padding can vary depending on the intended use and the level of protection required.