Garage Flooring Mats Ireland


Garage Flooring Mats Ireland

Whether you want to make better use out of your garage by turning it into a home gym or if you’d like to utilise the space for a shop, laying down durable, high-quality garage flooring mats can help you transform your garage into a functional, easy-to-use space.

Cement floors can easily become slippery when wet and also can be extremely cold in winter weather. That’s why you need high traction, anti-slip flooring, as it will enable you to spend long periods of time working with your tools inside your garage without becoming fatigued.

The benefits of an antifatigue garage floor mat

If you’ve ever stood on concrete floors for an extended period, you may experience joint pain. But joint pain isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about when working on concrete floors, as they can become slippery when wet. According to the Health and Safety Authority, slips and trips are the second-highest workplace injuries and Ireland.

Working on a bare concrete floor can be hard on your body and doesn’t offer many safety options.

You need high traction, durable garage floor mats

The ideal mats to use for garage flooring are durable, able to withstand the regular wear and tear of life. On this site, you have a wide range of different mats to use, ranging from foam to rubber to vinyl, and each of them has their own advantages.


Rubber is one of the most durable types of mats available. They’re also easy to clean and install. Rubber is especially suitable for absorbing impacts from heavy weights and is a great mat to use in a home gym.

Easy to clean, and features extra grip

Rubber mats are excellent antifatigue, high traction flooring, as rubber doesn’t become slick when wet. In fact, you can actually use rubber mats in a location where there is high traffic or outdoors, especially where they come into contact with water, dirt, and slush tracked in from outdoors. Rubber tiles are also an incredibly easy to clean item, and many feature a raised surface texture which adds that extra bit of grip that you need.

Once assembled together, rubber floor tiles deliver a quality, aesthetically pleasing work surface, free from any gaps that may cause slips and trips.


Vinyl tiles, commonly referred to as PVC, feature superior impact absorption qualities, and can be used inside of warehouses in the same location where heavy machinery is used.

You’ll also find that a vinyl mat makes a great garage floor mat, as they are lightweight yet incredibly durable. They are also available upon request in different colour options.


An EVA foam mat is great as anti-fatigue flooring, which provides cushioning under your feet as you work away in your shop. You’ll notice a substantial difference in how your joints feel after spending a day standing on a floor covered in foam tiles compared to a bare concrete floor.

-Dave Van Kooten