40mm Jigsaw Mats

40mm MMA Mats Ireland


40mm jigsaw mats are the popular choice of MMA and Jujitsu practitioners as they are ideal for those martial arts and sports with that rough and tumble. Also popular for Gymnastics, Judo and Aikido where throws and ground work are predominant. We offer densities from 80kg/cbm to 120kg/cbm or kg per cubic meter. The lower the density the softer the mat. Dimple pattern mats offer more grip and more suited to stand-up martial arts whereas tatami grip have less burn and fit better with groundwork sports. 30mm mats are also available, a popular choice for BJJ.

Made from Closed Cell EVA so no water is absorbed.


Easily cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Mats are reversible

Can mix different colour mats.

Edging strips included.