Foam Gym Mats

5 Tips to Pick Foam Gym Mats Foam floor mats are some of the most widely used gym flooring available on the market. The reason for this is they offer outstanding quality for an inexpensive price. In addition, a foam mat is a highly durable material which can last for many years, even under the […]

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How thick do MMA mats need to be?

How thick do MMA mats need to be? Although MMA mats are often overlooked, you should consider MMA mats the first form of personal protective equipment under the feet of your athletes. It’s important to purchase mats that are the right thickness for the combat sports discipline that you teach, as certain sports will require […]

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How to clean your MMA mats

How to clean your MMA mats Martial arts mats are one of the most important pieces of equipment within a training centre, but over time they can become covered with sweat, grime, and dirt. There is nothing worse than walking into a martial arts training centre that smells like sweat. In addition, martial arts are […]

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Choosing a Freestanding Punchbag

Whether you are a dedicated martial artist, or someone who wants to shed some weight, purchasing a freestanding punching bag will be one of the best decisions you make in creating your own home gym. Purchasing a punching bag allows you to train speed and agility, whilst also developing strength and endurance. Having your own […]

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