Gym Floor Mats Ireland

Gym Floor RUBBER Mats Ireland

Often overlooked, gym flooring is the most important piece of equipment that you’ll ever purchase for your workout centre. The gym flooring that you choose offers the first form of personal protection against slips, trips, and falls, whilst also protecting your floor against the abuse of heavy weights dropped on it. Whether you’re setting up a home gym in your garage or you are striking out on your own and creating your own commercial gym, the first piece of gym equipment that you’ll need to consider is what’s underneath your athlete’s feet.

Anti-Slip Gym Flooring rubber mat Tiles—Perfect For All Commercial & Home Gyms

High-quality rubber mats and gym flooring tiles are manufactured using vulcanised solids that can protect your gym floors. Gym flooring tiles are great for indoor and outdoor use because of their temperature and odour resisting qualities. Whether it’s foam or rubber, you can easily find a mat that will fit your needs.

Rubber mats and Gym Flooring

Rubber gym flooring may well be the most widely used weight room material on the market. It is extremely durable, able to absorb tremendous weight whilst also dissipating the concussive shock caused by dropped weights. Not only will it preserve your gym floor, but by putting down rubber flooring tiles, you help to insulate and protect against noise travelling through the floors.

You can also install rubber tiles easily, and they feature a quality item at an inexpensive price. This durable material makes a good choice for lifting equipment, and it can also be used for home gym training, commercial training facilities, or even for health centers. The rubber flooring is water resistant.

Resists Dents, Scuffs, and Gouges

You can also place fitness equipment on top of rubber gym flooring in commercial gyms, as heavy equipment does not dent, scuff, or leave unsightly indents in the rubber. Rubber gym flooring is also essential for sports facilities, training centres, and home gyms.

High Traction Flooring

Rubber mats utilise a raised surface texture, and this offers an extra level of anti-slip, high traction flooring for your workout needs. Featuring stud dot or amoebic surface textures, these mats can add a significant measure of safety to garage gyms.

Foam Mats—Essential for Martial Arts Training

However, if you are considering exercises that require cushioning and protecting against falls, invest in EVA or XPE foam mats.

Prevent Injuries

Foam mats prevent injuries from falling from critical heights, and this may be the ideal gym flooring for martial arts training centres.

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-Dave Van Kooten