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Punching bags warehoused in Ireland for delivery in 2 business days. Our free standing zones punch bags use high impact foam and a rocker action for heavy hitting and kicking. Man punch bags for targeted strikes with water/sand filled bases for convenient set-up and storage. Man punch bags are made from ‘flesh like’ feel latex.

Ireland no.1 favorite is the generic BOB punching bag this XL version has the full torso and shorts for low strikes as well.

What are the most important considerations when purchasing a punch bag online?

When purchasing a punch bag online, there are several important considerations to ensure you get the right bag for your training needs and preferences. Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Type of Punch Bag:
    • Heavy Bags: Traditional, heavy, and durable. Suitable for building power and improving striking technique.
    • Free-standing Bags: Easier to set up and move around. Good for spaces where hanging a bag isn’t possible.
    • Speed Bags: Smaller and lighter, used for improving speed, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination.
    • Maize Bags or Uppercut Bags: Specifically designed for practicing uppercuts and hooks.
  2. Weight and Size:
    • The weight of the bag should be appropriate for your size and skill level. A general rule is that the bag should be approximately half your body weight.
    • The size and shape of the bag should fit your training needs (e.g., longer bags for kicking drills).
  3. Filling Material:
    • Common fillings include sand, water, air (for inflatable bags), and various types of foam.
    • The material affects the bag’s feel, weight, and how it absorbs impact.
  4. Outer Material:
    • Leather bags are durable and have a premium feel but are more expensive.
    • Synthetic materials (like vinyl or canvas) are more affordable and still offer good durability.
  5. Hanging System and Installation:
    • If you choose a hanging bag, consider the space where you’ll hang it and ensure it can support the bag’s weight.
    • Check if the bag comes with chains and swivels for hanging or if you need to purchase them separately.
    • Free-standing bags don’t require installation but need enough space for the base.
  6. Brand and Quality:
    • Choose a reputable brand known for quality boxing equipment or purchase from a well known supplier.
    • Read reviews to assess the bag’s durability and performance.
  7. Shipping Costs and Delivery:
    • Heavy punch bags can be expensive to ship, so consider the shipping cost in your budget. ~ you can collect most of our punching bags from Balbriggan warehouse.
    • Ensure that the delivery process suits your needs, especially for larger, heavier bags.
  8. Warranty and Return Policy:
  9. Purpose of Training:
    • Consider your training goals (e.g., boxing, Muay Thai, fitness) to select a bag that suits your specific needs.
  10. Accessories:
    • Some bags come with additional accessories like gloves or hand wraps. Consider if these are important to you.

Remember, the right punch bag can significantly enhance your training experience. Take the time to research and choose a bag that meets your specific training requirements and preferences.