Rubber Blue Fleck Gym Jigsaw Mats Weight Training 10mm 1m x 1m

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The 10mm Rubber Fleck Gym Mats are the perfect addition to any home gym. Made from heavy-duty vulcanised rubber and designed to handle the stresses of home gym. It also has a great appearance, boasting a splash of colour from the blue flecks imbedded in the rubber’s surface.


The big selling point of these mats is the jigsaw connectors which fit together perfectly, creating a gap-free seam. Several mats connected together form a tight, immovable workout surface that can take the rigours of heavy training sessions. Made from non-porous rubber, which resists mould, mildew, and bacteria. Simply wipe off sweat, water, or dirt, and sanitise with a mild anti-bacterial wipe and you’re good to go.


Rubber mats are high-traction, anti-fatigue mats, and this allows you to use the mats in high-traffic areas where outdoor shoes tread on them. Even with water on top, you’ll never lose your grip if you place these mats on an indoor walkway. They also make the perfect addition to a garage, workshop, or any place where you’ll be standing in the same place for a long period. Rubber has a slight ‘give’, adding some cushion underneath your feet and taking the stress off your knees, back, and ankles.

These are especially handy for indoor gatherings and to use as trade show flooring. Unlike foam mats, rubber mats will not dent, scuff, or scrape. They work especially well in a dog run because they are tough—not easily cut, scraped, or gouged.

When purchasing rubber flooring for your home gym, keep in mind that 10mm mats are perfect to handle light weights like dumbbells which have been dropped. If you’re planning to lift heavy weights (125kgs to 200kgs) or perform Olympic lifts where weight is dropped from shoulder height, consider investing thicker mats like those of the 15mm or 20mm.

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