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Tuf Wear 6ft PU Punch Bag Black

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Hanging Punch Bag

This Tuf wear branded hanging punch bag features a hard wearing quality PU outer with hanging straps and ring attached. The Tuf Wear 6ft Synthetic Leather Punchbag is pre-filled with shredded fabric to avoid lumps and no gaps. Every bag passes through an X Ray machine before leaving the factory, to ensure that no sharp objects have inadvertently entered the bag. This hanging punch bag adorns a large vertical brand logo

– Durable 6ft Punchbag

– 4 Hanging Straps

– Tuf Wear branded

Approx Dimensions:

Bag Length: 6FT / 72 inches / 183cm

Diameter: 13 inches / 33cm

Weight: 38-40kg

Structural Gym considerations before purchasing a hanging punch bag.

When purchasing a hanging punch bag for your gym, there are several structural considerations to keep in mind to ensure safety and optimal use of the bag. These considerations include space requirements, roof load capacity, mounting hardware, and more. Here are the key factors to consider:

Space Requirements:

Ensure adequate space around the bag for full movement. A general rule is to have at least 4 feet of clear space on all sides of the bag.
Consider the height of the ceiling and the length of the bag plus its chains to ensure it hangs at the correct height (the bottom of the bag should be at or just above hip level).
Ceiling Strength and Load Capacity:

The ceiling or support structure must be strong enough to hold the weight of the bag plus the dynamic force when it’s being used.
Consult with a structural engineer or professional if you’re unsure about the load-bearing capacity of your ceiling or support structure.

Mounting Hardware:

Use heavy-duty, high-quality mounting brackets and chains.
Ensure the hardware is appropriate for the type of ceiling or beam you’re attaching it to (e.g., concrete, wood).

Shock Absorption:

Consider using a spring or other shock-absorbing device between the chain and the mount to reduce stress on the ceiling and to minimize noise.

Wall Clearance:

Ensure there’s enough clearance between the bag and any walls or other obstacles to prevent damage and allow for safe use.


Ensure the flooring around the bag is suitable for training. Mats or padded flooring can provide cushioning and reduce the risk of injury from falls. Check these out the boxing mats.

Bag Swivel:

A swivel attachment can allow the bag to rotate, which can reduce wear on the mount and chains and provide a more realistic movement.

Bag Size and Weight:

Choose a bag that’s appropriate for the users. Heavier bags provide more resistance but require stronger mounts and supports.


Consider how easy it is to set up and, if necessary, move the bag. Some hanging bags can be heavy and cumbersome.

Building Regulations and Permissions:

If you’re in a rented space or part of a larger building, check for any regulations or permissions required for installing heavy equipment.
By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your hanging punch bag is installed safely and effectively, providing a great workout experience while minimizing the risk of damage or injury.


If a hanging bag is not suitable then a free standing punch bag could be the answer.


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Weight 30 kg


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