Roll Out Mats

Executive summary.

Roll Out mats are the perfect fit for rapid deployment of safe flooring for temporary use. The mats are very portable and quick to setup. Our roll out mats use velcro connectors so there is no need for expensive PVC tape which take time to affix!

Our roll out mats are made from XPE which is a higher grade material than the typical EVA used in 99% of Jigsaw mats. Follow the link for more information on the comparative properties of EVA XPE and EPE marterial.

If you are challenged by your facilities manager regarding the purchase of the mats refer to our MSDS sheets.

Mats can be rolled back up and tied with a wrap around strap when not in use or being transported.

Roll out mats have a comfortable low abrasive surface perfect for avoiding mat burn and a great choice for ground work sports.

Jigsaw mats vs Roll Out Mats

Jigsaw mats, relatively speaking can take a while to connect. If removed and installed regularly in haste teeth can be ripped off leaving dangerous toe holes (lay them at the perimeter). If the tiles are not connected together or the underlying surface is uneven you can have uncomfortable raised ridges. Jigsaw mats can take longer to put back together and transport than roll out mats.

Although Roll Out mats solve these issues they are considerably more expensive that traditional jigsaw mats.

Roll Out mats come in 1.5m width, 40mm thick and either 3m; 6m or 12m in length.

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