MMA Mats

MMA Mixed Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats. 40mm and 30mm jigsaw mats Ireland can be used for heavy throws and ground work. Tatami varies in density from 80kg/cbm to 120kg/cbm, the higher density BJJ mats can absorb more impact, are more durable and stable. The lower density Mixed Martial Arts mats are softer and preferable to some. Dimple effect grip MMA jigsaws have better traction whereas Tatami grip jiujitsu mats have less friction and better suited to groundwork. Mats are manufactured to our specification based on customer feedback, warehoused in Ireland and supplied directly to you at the best prices in the country. We have a variety of vibrant colours available, some mats can be mixed, others can’t. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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