What to Look for in a Mat for Breakin

Keep your breakin’ moves at their freshest by investing in a hardwearing and supportive dance mat 

If you are a b-boy or b-girl who takes making moves seriously, you will know that your dance flooring works just as hard as you do. Capturing and working with the beat requires practice and whether you are a newbie or a veteran of b-boying, you will be putting in the blood, sweat, and tears into your mat to ensure that you are killin’ it in all areas at all times.

Inclusion in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games means that breakin’ is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

The inclusion of breakdancing in the upcoming Olympics has solidified breakdancing’s reputation as an authentic test of near acrobatic agility and strength as well as its undeniable flair. Stay ahead of the curve by perfecting your flow and keeping your routines clean on a performance breakdancing mat.

The right foundation is essential for B-boys and B-girls who want to take their discipline close to the edge.

Your choice of flooring will literally make or break your art. Long gone are the days of lifting some vinyl from the trash or layering up cardboard to make a practice floor. Your mat for breaking needs to be up to the challenge of supporting the full repertoire of movements from toprock to downrock and the freezes and power moves in between.

Whether you are practicing indoors or battling on the streets here are the 4 key features your breakdancing mat needs to deliver.

1. Grip 

Flooring with good hold is absolutely essential to executing power moves and freezes safely. Not only are your feet on that surface, but your bare hands will also be too. Slips and trips will not only cause you to crash out but can cause major injury. A decent mat will deliver the traction needed to maintain your flavor while allowing freedom of movement.  

2. Toughness

Hours of training and practice mean that a breakdancing mat will take a solid battering, especially if used outdoors. Look for a mat that is up to absorbing the impact of relentless floor work as if the mat doesn’t tough it out, your joints take the hit.  

3. Cushioning

Many people who are new to breaking will seek out flooring that is excessively soft. Old-school b-boys will tell you that this is not the way and though cushioning for air power and spins is welcome, robustness makes perfecting footwork easier.  

4. Portability and Storage 

You need a mat that will be able to deliver consistent performance in either setting. Portability is vital for getting your dance mat to meet-ups with your crew or setting the stage for an impromptu battle. When you find a mat that is dope you will want to be able to transport it easily with convenient storage when you’re done using it. 

Great dance mats for practicing and performing in the home the studio or the street.

EVA performance mats are engineered to deliver the supportive flooring needed for breakdancing and other street and contemporary dance styles. Their flexible jigsaw design makes them a great selection for a home breakdancing setup, while the grip and impact absorption means that they are just as good thrown down by the kerb for an impromptu session. 


  1. Breakin’ is coming to Ireland!

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