The Best Way to Dispose of and Repurpose Old Jigsaw Mats Used in Martial Arts and Sports

Introduction: When it comes to martial arts and sports training, jigsaw mats are a popular choice due to their durability and shock-absorbing properties. However, there comes a time when these mats need to be replaced. Instead of simply discarding them, it’s important to consider eco-friendly ways to dispose of and repurpose old jigsaw mats. In this blog, we will explore the best methods for environmentally conscious disposal and creative repurposing ideas that can give these mats a new lease on life.

Part 1: Environmentally Conscious Disposal

  1. Recycling: a. Check for local recycling facilities: Some municipalities or recycling centers accept foam materials, including jigsaw mats. Research nearby facilities that have the capability to recycle these mats. b. Contact martial arts schools and sports centers: Reach out to local training centers, as they may have partnerships with recycling programs or suggestions for proper disposal.
  2. Donation: a. Local community centers and schools: Consider donating the mats to community centers, schools, or youth organizations that could benefit from them for recreational activities or fitness programs. b. Non-profit organizations: Look for non-profit organizations that focus on sports, fitness, or martial arts, as they might be interested in acquiring used mats for their training programs.
  3. Reselling: a. Online marketplaces: Explore platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or dedicated martial arts forums to sell your used jigsaw mats at a reduced price. Make sure to include detailed descriptions and photos to attract potential buyers.

Part 2: Repurposing Ideas

  1. Home Gym Flooring: If you have a home gym or exercise area, repurpose the old jigsaw mats to create a comfortable and shock-absorbing flooring surface. Arrange them to cover the desired space and secure them with adhesive or double-sided tape.
  2. Children’s Play Area: Convert the jigsaw mats into a safe play area for children. Assemble the mats in a designated space, providing a soft and cushioned surface for kids to play, crawl, or practice gymnastics.
  3. Pet Areas: Create a cozy and easy-to-clean space for your furry friends. Arrange the mats as flooring for pet crates, playpens, or designated areas where pets can rest or exercise comfortably.
  4. Arts and Crafts: Cut the mats into smaller pieces and utilize them for various arts and crafts projects. They can serve as padding for homemade costumes, protective layers for delicate objects, or even as stamps for painting or printing.
  5. Soundproofing: Use the jigsaw mats as part of a soundproofing solution. Attach them to walls or doors in a recording studio, home theater, or any space where noise reduction is desired. The foam material helps absorb and dampen sound waves effectively.

Conclusion: When it’s time to replace old jigsaw mats used in martial arts and sports, it’s essential to think beyond traditional disposal methods. By following environmentally conscious disposal techniques, such as recycling or donating, we can reduce waste and promote sustainability. Moreover, repurposing these mats provides an opportunity to give them a second life while benefitting various areas of our lives, such as home gyms, children’s play areas, or pet spaces. Let’s embrace creativity and contribute to a greener future by responsibly disposing of and repurposing our old jigsaw mats.

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