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Thai Pad

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Thai Pads: Strike Shields for punching and kicking. Martial arts fitness equipment Ireland.

Available in Red or Blue.

Priced individually.

26.5cm x 20.5cm x 8cm

Thai pads are a type of training equipment used primarily in Muay Thai, but also in other martial arts and combat sports. They are thick, durable pads held by a training partner or coach and are designed for athletes to practice strikes, including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Here’s an overview of their use and why they are preferred over other types of pads:

Uses of Thai Pads

  • Versatility: Thai strike pads are designed for practicing a wide range of strikes. They are suitable for high-impact strikes like kicks and knees, as well as punches and elbow strikes.
  • Feedback: They provide immediate feedback to the striker, allowing them to adjust their power, technique, and form based on the feel and sound of their strikes against the pads.
  • Realism: The size and shape of Thai pads allow holders to simulate a more realistic human target, helping fighters to improve accuracy, timing, and distance control.
  • Safety: For the holder, Thai pads offer protection from the impact of strikes, reducing the risk of injury. For the striker, they provide a firm yet forgiving surface that minimizes the risk of injury to the hands and feet.

Why They Are Preferred Over Other Types of Pads

  • Durability: Strike Shields are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand heavy and repeated strikes, making them more durable than many other types of training pads.
  • Impact Absorption: They are typically thicker and denser than other pads, which allows for better absorption of the force from strikes. This makes them ideal for training powerful kicks and knees, which might damage or wear out lighter pads more quickly.
  • Adaptability: The design of Thai pads, with straps or handles on the back, allows the holder to quickly adjust positioning, making it easier to accommodate a variety of strikes and combinations. This adaptability is not always present in other types of pads, such as focus mitts, which are primarily designed for punching.
  • Training Intensity: The robustness of pads enables fighters to train at full power and speed, closely simulating real combat situations without holding back due to fear of damaging the pads or injuring the holder.

While Thai pads are highly favored for the reasons mentioned, the choice of training equipment also depends on the specific goals of the training session, the martial art being practiced, and personal preference. Other types of pads, like focus mitts or kick shields, can complement Thai pads by offering different benefits and training dynamics.

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