MMA 40mm Yellow/Black Jigsaw Mat Tatami Grip 100kg/cbm Density

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MMA Mats 40mm x 1m x 1m jigsaw mats are a favourite for BJJ & MMA. Mats are bi-tone and reversible which facilitates zonal marking, for example safe areas and fighter start points. The advantage of a puzzle mat is that if damaged you can either flip one section of a mat or replace it. With larger old fashioned mats this was not possible. The mats are made from PU and EVA which not only has a high impact but has a ‘memory’ which resets to its original shape after impact. All mats are waterproof and wipe able making them easy to maintain. Our mats are designed for long life, you don’t want to be purchasing mats every year, buy once and by quality.

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