20mm Red/Blue TKD Jigsaw Mat Tatami Grip 100kg/cbm Density

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Taekwondo Jigsaw Mats Soft Flooring: After consultation with our Taekwondo customers the ideal mat density and pattern was 100kg/cbm tatami grip. Customers found that the tatami grip was better for spinning kicks as opposed to the higher grip T-pattern of dimple grip. Adults found the lower density mats 80kg/cbm to be a little soft while the kids found the 120kg/cbm mats to be a little hard to fall on. These Tatami grip high impact foam Taekwondo jigsaw mats are made from EVA memory foam. The mats are waterproof and easily wipeable. These red/blue reversible mats are 1m x 1m x 20mm, they come with edges and tessellate together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Mat sections can be flipped to create colour zones and are easily swapped out or flipped if damaged. These taekwondo mats are available in TRICOLOUR Green/White/Orange as well as the popular black/red/blue. These hard wearing mats if cared for correctly will last a lifetime. 20mm mats are perfect for striking sports such as boxing and karate. Given head protection is used 20mm offer enough protection for taekwondo but we do offer both 30mm and 40mm jigsaw mats as well. Obviously the thicker the better but you should also consider storage requirements for thicker mats as they can take up a lot of room if they are not a permanent fixture.

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