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Author: Glenn Chegwidden

Practicing various martial arts since 1986 and an interest in computing from a very young age. Started an ecommerce martial arts business in 2003 when studying for a Masters in Internet systems. What began as a hobby while working as an IT director for multi-billion-dollar multinational has since scaled to a business with multiple fulfilment centres across the UK and Ireland.

Interested in all martial arts but especially passionate about Chinese Martial arts and culture. Favourite weapon – Shaolin Steel Whip Chain, although I’m not too good at yet 😊

Author: Dave Van Kooten

Dave is a freelance writer who specializes in articles focusing on athletic flooring and fitness. In the fitness articles that he’s written, Dave likes to highlight the unsung hero of any gym—gym flooring. Athletic flooring is the first form of personal protective equipment, cushioning falls and preventing injuries.

Dave has experience writing for environmental organizations, nonprofits, and has even done some sports journalism. But he’s most passionate about sharing tips and strategies for athletes to create a dream home gym so they can take their training to the next level.